May 22, 2017

Hampton Inn & Suites – A Wichita Hotel For Families

I’ve been sharing a lot of great stories about my family’s fun adventure in Wichita lately, including some kid-approved restaurants in Wichita and the coolest children’s garden ever. What needs to be shared is where to stay in Wichita when you want to do all this stuff. Which Wichita hotel worked for our needs?

We needed a place to stay that was between the Wichita attractions I had wanted to visit, especially Tanganyika Wildlife Park (which is actually outside of Wichita pretty much near nothing else) and all the great stuff in downtown Wichita. So, with the smart thinking of the folks at Visit Wichita (who hosted this trip), we were set up at one of the newest hotels in the city, Hampton Inn & Suites Wichita Airport.

Wichita Hotel

Where To Stay In Wichita

This Wichita Hampton Inn checks most things off my family travel checklist for hotels: Pool, free hot breakfast, comfy beds (plus, the obvious, unspoken requirements like safe, clean, up-to-date). All there.

The seating area near the front desk at the Hampton Inn & Suites near the Wichita airport.

Let’s talk about the rooms.

The beds in this Hampton Inn are incredibly comfortable. Hampton Inns are under the Hilton brand, and I’ve never stayed at a Hilton brand hotel that had terrible beds. Their beds are like pillowy clouds. After full days of activities, these beds were a welcomed sight.

Comfy queen beds at the Hampton Inn & Suites near the Wichita Airport.

The rest of the room is pretty hotel typical with a cool, modern look: Small fridge (very helpful for families), desk, large TV, and a nice bathroom with hotel toiletries included.

The view isn’t much, but I wasn’t expecting one being near an airport.

The hotel pool is a rectangle pool that isn’t too deep. While the kids played, I was able to watch comfortably from a pool chair. The seating in the pool area was surprisingly comfy.

Wichita hotel pool

Not much makes the pool at the Hampton Inn & Suites standout, but kids don’t seem to care about the details.

The lobby is modern and stylish, and off to the side there is a small snack shop with drinks available for purchase. If you ask nicely, the front desk staff will give you a free bottle of water, so try that before purchasing one in the snack shop.

The little shop in the lobby of the Hampton Inn & Suites has locally-made treats like chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, as well as inexpensive gifts made in Kansas like Chicken Poop chapstick (not made with real chicken poop).

In the dining area, you can find free hot water for tea and coffee. If you plan on running around as much as I did, that free caffeine boost is handy in the afternoon.

Snacking on a free cookie from the front desk at the Hampton Inn.

The breakfast at the Hampton Inn is better than average when it comes to complimentary breakfasts. There are hot food options, fresh fruit, a waffle maker, and various pastries and breads to choose from.

The room where everyone eats breakfast looks great, doesn’t it?

Things To Do Near Hampton Inn 

To be honest, there isn’t a whole lot of must-see things super near this hotel. There is a complimentary shuttle that will drive you anywhere within 5 miles of the hotel, which includes places like:

Dart Warz (1 mile)

Urban Air Trampoline Park (1 mile)

Sedgwick County Zoo (4.6 miles)

Dart Warz in Wichita is the love child of Nerf guns and paintball. Younger kids may not like the intensity of the games there, nor perhaps, older, slower grown-ups like myself. We’re just easy targets, guys.

The downtown area is about 6 miles away, and that’s where most of Wichita’s best things to see with kids are located. I’ve been told most everything in Wichita is within a 10-mile drive, and I’ve found that to be true. Some of the places in downtown Wichita that may interest families include: Botanica Wichita, Exploration Place, Old Cowtown Museum, The Keeper of the Plains, Museum of World Treasures, and INTRUST Bank Arena.

Further afield, you can drive to Tanganyika Wildlife Park (9 miles) or the Kansas Aviation Museum (11 miles).

Could you find a Wichita hotel closer to these attractions? Of course, especially downtown.

Restaurants Near This Wichita Hotel

My daughter checking out the dining area at the Hampton Inn & Suites near the Wichita airport.

To be honest, the kind of restaurants I was looking for — locally-owned restaurants — were not by our hotel. That meant, a lot of our dining was in downtown Wichita. I recommend making that 10-mile drive for tasty eats. The closest restaurant we dined at to this hotel was Delano Barbeque Co., which is about 5 miles away.

See all the Wichita restaurants we visited here.

But, if you’re looking for nearby good eats, there are plenty of chains to choose from. Within about a mile of the hotel, you’ll find an Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, Denny’s, and an abundance of fast food options.

* * * * *

Want to start planning your own Great Wichita Weekend?

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Wichita’s Good Eats

June 1 – Exploration Place

June 8 – Tangyika Wildlife Park


For even more ideas for family fun in Wichita, check out my Pinterest Board. 


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May 15, 2017

Kid-Friendly Wichita Restaurants To Visit

My family recently took an incredible weekend trip to Wichita, Kan. It was a lot of fun, and in between all our stops, we visited several fantastic, kid-friendlyWichita restaurants.

A family’s got to eat, right?

Kid-friendly Wichita Restaurant

Here’s where we went during our trip to Wichita. Our visit was hosted by Visit Wichita, and they helped us select some great spots to try. I was looking for kid-friendly Wichita restaurant that were locally-owned. The key was that they had to be kid-friendly, not kiddie… I wanted good food.

Nostalgic Eats

Old Mill Tasty Shop kid-friendly restaurant Wichita

Old Mill Tasty Shop in downtown Wichita has been around since the 1930s.

For lunch spot or a great place for a treat, is Old Mill Tasty Shop in downtown Wichita. This is a Wichita institution, which opened in the 1930s (the current owners bought it in the 1980s). Everyone – and I mean everyone – you ask will tell you to get the chicken salad, and I sampled it and it lives up to the hype. If you like chili, try the green chili there.

My daughter making friends at Old Mill Tasty Shop’s soda fountain.

I went there and got a chocolate shake, made the old-fashioned way behind their old-fashioned soda fountain counter, and loved every drop…that my daughter hadn’t swiped from me while I wasn’t looking.

Order a hot fudge malt at Old Mill Tasty Shop. You won’t be disappointed.

By the way, it’s right by Intrust Bank Arena, so if you have tickets to a show, it’s a great spot for before-show food. Old Mill is open for lunches during the week, and until 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Note: Closed on Sundays.

Nifty Nut House is the snack place to end all snack places. It got its start in 1937, and over time, it’s evolved into a wholesaler of nuts, dried fruit, snack mixes, gourmet chocolate, sugar-free items, and homemade fudge.

One of Nifty Nut House’s several counters of bulk foods you can buy (or sample if it’s hard to choose).

But wait, there’s more.

You can find just about any candy brand you can dream of there, too.

No photo can show how big Nifty Nut House is or how many candies, nuts, trail mixes and more you can find there.

It’s a huge store, and one my food hero, Alton Brown, called “a national treasure.” Note: Closed on Sundays.

I found my happy place at the Nifty Nut House. Like a kid in a candy shop.


Quirky Eats

For breakfast to give your day a turbo charge of sugar, go to The Donut Whole. We were among several families there the morning we went. You can go as vanilla or as rainbow as you want when choosing a donut here. The popular flavor is maple bacon, which you gotta try. All donuts are made from scratch daily.

Donut Whole is one of the kid-friendly Wichita restaurants we visited

Fun varieties of cake donuts are sold at The Donut Whole in Wichita.

There’s a wide assortment to choose from, and it is a tough choice. Cookie, candy, cereal…they’re all toppings here. They once had a Breaking Bad donut with blue rock candy on top.

Pricing guide to The Donut Whole.

The coffee’s pretty good here, plus free refills. If you want a more substantial breakfast, you can get a breakfast sandwich (made with donuts). If, for whatever reason, you’re up late, the drive-thru window is open 24 hours a day.

Doo Dah Diner is a dining hot spot in Wichita, and it has mastered the laid-back vibe. Everyone nods in approval if you tell them you plan to eat there. It’s good stuff. We went on a Sunday, which turns out is buffet-only, which may or may not be great for your family. If you go Wednesday through Saturday for breakfast, expect a wait. But at least you get to have free monkey bread in line (while it lasts…which is about ’til noon).

You can watch your breakfast being made if you sit at the counter at Doo Dah Diner.

I tried one of the buffet staples: Pork Belly and Grits, which got the thumbs up. You’ll also always find hashbrown casserole and smoked salmon on the buffet table every Sunday. You can also get some food made-to-order, including some benedicts and omelets.

Going during the week? Timirie, co-owner of Doo Dah Diner, said the most popular things to order are Crab Cake Benedict, Chicken Fried Steak, Smothered Breakfast Burrito, Banana Bread French Toast (gluten free) and Corned Beef Hash. Hungry, yet?

Doo Dah Diner’s Sunday brunch includes pork belly and hash, smoked salmon, and fresh fruit.

The exterior of the diner doesn’t really hint to the fun decor inside. Think lots of colors and a mishmash of art on the walls.

If you’re really hungry go to the historic Delano District for some barbecue at Delano Barbeque Co. It’s huge servings, even on the kid’s menu. And messy, because, well, barbecue. It’s on the quirky side for its Christmas lights. Note: Closed on Sundays.

The exterior of Delano Barbeque Co. leaves no doubt to what you’ll be eating once you’re inside.


New Eats

For lunch, try The Kitchen. This is a new restaurant in Wichita where the focus is on clean food (so no nitrates in lunch meat and that burger is 100% beef). That’s not to say it’s health food. We dug into straight up comfort food here. Try the disco fries, a New Jersey take on poutine. The owner, Natasha, described it as New American, adding “We like to say you can be as good or naughty as you like.”

The Disco Fries at The Kitchen in Wichita is Jersey’s answer to poutine, but done using clean foods. Total comfort food.

The menu is seasonally inspired, so I can’t quite guarantee what you’ll be able to order. I can tell you that Natasha’s crew serves up a mean panini.

For drinks, they keep some Kansas craft brews on tap. I opted for a raspberry ice tea, which was made just right (not too sweet, thankyouverymuch). It’s a great summer drink.

The Kitchen is located by Union Station in downtown Wichita.



Eats You Wouldn’t Expect To Be Kid-Friendly

Moms and dads who like local beer with good food, go earlier in the day to The Anchor. They’re known for a good lineup of 50+ craft beers on tap and this amazing thing called The Haystack.

The Anchor is a more grown-up place to enjoy local craft beer and a burger, but there is a kid’s menu.

It’s a pub, no getting around it. But, they have a kid’s menu, so they won’t snub families. And not just any thrown-together kiddie menu, but a solid burger served with fries, a fruit cup, and a Rice Krispie Treat. Not bad for $4.99.


* * * * *

Want to start planning your own Great Wichita Weekend?

Start with My Wichita Bucket List to get some inspiration, then dive into these for more fun ideas:

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A Kid-Favorite Destination: Bonanica Wichita

May 22 – Wichita Home Base: Hampton Inn & Suites

June 1 – Exploration Place

Jun 8 – Tangyika Wildlife Park


For even more ideas for family fun in Wichita, check out my Pinterest Board.


Disclosure: Our visit was hosted by Visit Wichita. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own.


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May 8, 2017

Botanica Wichita: A Kid-Favorite Destination

Botanica Wichita has been a game changer for me. I don’t often plan stops at botanical gardens (delicate flowers + trail-blazing kids = no bueno), but this place has opened my eyes: My kids loved it there.

It helps that Botanica Wichita has an amazing children’s garden. Hands down, the best I’ve seen so far.

We visited Botanica Wichita on a spring weekend recently. Read about that fun weekend here. Our visit was hosted by Visit Wichita.

Downing Children’s Garden

If you’re visiting Botanica Wichita with children, you simply cannot skip Downing Children’s Garden. Every turn on the path revealed something whimsical, delightful, and beautiful.

The Monster Trees might have been my favorite part of all Botanica Wichita.

There’s a yellow brick road at the entrance leading you inside, because…Kansas.

Follow the yellow brick road into the Downing Children’s Garden inside Botanica Wichita.

This well-thought out space packs a lot into a little space. A nice touch is that there’s only one way in and out, so if your little explorer takes off, he or she won’t escape the area.

There’s more to discover at the Downing Children’s Garden than flowers, including digging opportunities to uncover animal habitats and pretend fossils.

Cool places to explore include a water feature, tree house and monster trees…and that’s just one little part of the children’s garden.

The tree house is right by the Monster Woods, two things you don’t want to miss at Garden Botanica’s children’s garden.

There’s a musical maze, ant hill, and party barn. Plus, a cute little enchanted spot with some favorite storybook characters. There are all sorts of cute touches that adults enjoy spotting as much as kids.

A familiar character spotted inside the children’s garden at Botanica Wichita.

If my kids had their way, we would’ve spent at least two hours in the Downing Children’s Garden.

We hardly had a chance to explore the farm side of Downing Children’s Garden at Botanica Wichita.

More garden to see

There are 30 themed gardens and exhibits over 18 acres. Don’t skip the seasonal train garden, which wasn’t running while we were there. Near it is the sensory garden, with the coolest natural kaleidoscope.

Peeking through the nature kaleidoscope at Botanica Wichita.

There’s also a butterfly house and a beautiful pond to explore. Bring some coins so your kids can feed the huge koi.

I thought the spot where we fed koi fish was the most picturesque and peaceful place inside Botanica Wichita.

Botanica Wichita’s newest garden is the Chinese Friendship Garden. It was enchanting to stroll through. Our guide, Janet, explained the connection between Wichita and its sister city, and how many of the items on display – from scrolls to huge foo dogs – have significant meanings.

The lovely Chinese Friendship Garden was inspired by Wichita’s Sister City in China.

Family-friendly tip: Botanica Wichita allows you to bring food in to have a picnic on the grounds. I saw tables inside the Chinese Friendship Garden and overlooking the koi pond. Both spaces look perfect for a relaxing lunch break.

Timing a visit

The miniature train wasn’t in operation during our early spring visit to Botanica Wichita. It’s runs seasonally.

You’ll see garden beauty any time of year, but Botanica Wichita has some special events that you might want to note of.

Spring – On a few afteroons in March and April, there’s an adorable event called Tulips, Fairies & Forts. Take Flight & Butterfly Festival is a special annual opening of the Butterfly House – the first 100 kids get to release a butterfly in the house. At the end of May, there’s the Family Night Hike.

Summer – Summers are hopping at the children’s garden. In June and July, you’ll find drop-in activities on the weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those are included with admission. There are also Creative Craft activities for an additional fee on Wednesday mornings. Thursdays in June from 5 to 8 p.m. is Family Game Night.

Fall – Bootanica is a Halloween-themed event to look for.

Winter – One of the biggest each year is Illumination during the holiday season. There are lights throughout the gardens, and the train garden has a Polar Express theme to it.


If you go

Botanica Wichita

Where: 701 Amidon St., Wichita, Kansas

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Tuesday & Thursday until 8 p.m.); and Sunday, 1 to 5 p.m.

Cost: Children (ages 3-12), $5; adults (ages 13-61), $7; seniors (ages 62) and military, $6; and children younger than 2, FREE. Admission is $3 all day Thursdays in the summer


* * * * *

Want to start planning your own Great Wichita Weekend?

Start with My Wichita Bucket List to get some inspiration, then dive into these for more fun ideas:

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May 15 – Wichita’s Good Eats

May 22 – Wichita Home Base: Hampton Inn & Suites

June 1 – Exploration Place

Jun 8 – Tangyika Wildlife Park


For even more ideas for family fun in Wichita, check out my Pinterest Board. 


Disclosure: Our visit was hosted by Visit Wichita, and Botanica Wichita provided complimentary passes so I could tell you about it. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own.

May 1, 2017

The Great Wichita Weekend

It’s time to look at Wichita, Kan., in a different way. There’s so much for a family to do in 48 hours, it’s changed how I see the city.

For me, it’s always been a fuzzy memory from childhood when we were there to visit family. But after visiting the city this spring, I was surprised to discover it is a Midwestern cultural destination. Good thing to note: My visit was hosted by Visit Wichita, so I probably did way more in two days than you would with your family.

Wichita Weekend

I made my Wichita bucket list and got to check some, but sadly not all, off it. There’s only so much you can pack into a weekend.

Family-Friendly Attractions

In the heart of Wichita, along the river, is a collection of museums that is a good starting place for your trip. We took the kids, ages 5 and 7, to three of the attractions there: Botanica Wichita; Wichita Art Museum; and Exploration Place.

Botanica Wichita children's garden

Climb, dig and explore at the Downing Children’s Garden at Botanica Wichita.

Botanica Wichita is the botanical gardens, 18 acres of space with a lot to see. Kids will absolutely love the well-designed children’s garden.

Also stop by the koi pond to feed them and go look for the dragon in the Friendship Garden. We thought we’d only be at Botanica Wichita for an hour or so, but could’ve easily spent two hours in the children’s garden alone.

Exploration Place Wichita

Exploration Place in Wichita has a newly reopened space dedicated to Kansas, and it includes this cool fossil scanner for kids.

Exploration Place is Kansas’ premier science center with a cool mix of permanent exhibits and temporary ones. My daughter spent most of her time playing in the three-story castle. Other rooms had a ton of hands-on activities teaching about Kansas history and geology; weather; flight; and more. Plan on spending a few hours here.

Keeper of the Plains Wichita

Flames shoot up from pots around the base of The Keeper of the Plains nightly (weather permitting).

In that same area, you’ll spot the huge statue Keeper of the Plains. There’s a nightly show, where fire fills the huge caldrons at that base.

It’s an impressive and free show to catch, and it lasts about 15 minutes.

Wichita Art Museum

The most memorable experience at the Wichita Art Museum was taking our shoes off and walking over a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture.

We spent the least amount of time with the kids at the Wichita Art Museum, but it had some excellent experiences for them. We went on Saturday, which means free admission for us. The first stop was the Living Room, a kids space with activities. There’s also a space downstairs for even more activities for kids; since it was Earth Day, we were building with repurposed materials.

For anyone, no matter your age, you’ll want to go upstairs in the museum and walk across the Chihuly sculpture. When else will you get to do something like that?

Dart Warz Wichita

Dart Warz in Wichita is the love child of Nerf guns and paintball.

Outside of downtown, near our hotel, was a unique experience for me: Dart Warz. Think Nerf guns meet paintball. My son liked it, my younger daughter, not so much. It’s definitely more suited for older kids, and parents who’ve maintained their cat-like reflexes (so not me). You pay by the hour to play.

Head out of town for a very memorable afternoon, especially if your kids love animals. Tanganyika Wildlife Park creates amazing ways to connect with animals through encounters you might not find anywhere else. Expect to spend a full afternoon here.

Tanganyika Wichita

Feeding a giraffe is one of nine animal encounters at Tanganyika Wildlife Park near Wichita.

It’s funny. The things I liked best, like feeding exotic animals the behind-the-scenes to tour to feed and pet a rare opaki, were not my kids’ favorites. They loved feeding the guinea pigs and rabbits. No joke. I think they loved being able to linger in the space among gentle and small creatures.

Kid-Friendly Eats In Wichita

Wichita Old Mill Tasty Shop

Old Mill Tasty Shop opened in 1932 in downtown Wichita, and its classic soda fountain is still used today.

I love trying local eats on vacation, especially ones that welcome kids. If you want Wichita favorites, you can’t go wrong visiting Old Mill Tasty Shop and Doo Dah Diner in the downtown area. The Old Mill is a working soda fountain, so we ordered shakes, but you may want to plan a lunch stop there to get their famous chicken salad (but expect a line out the door).

Doo Dah Diner seems to be a local favorite. Everyone responded the same way when I mentioned it: “Ooooh, good choice.” It’s a diner, for sure, but there are some quirky offerings on the menu. My friend said you’ve got to try the monkey bread there. Our other stop was for barbecue at Delanao BBQ.

Wichita donut shop

Fun varieties of cake donuts are sold at The Donut Whole in Wichita.

I’m a sucker for a quirky donut shop, and The Donut Whole fits the bill in the best possible way. We went for breakfast and tried some relatively tame varieties, um, maple bacon donut, anyone? But the drive-thru is 24 hours a day, so if for whatever reason, you need a cake donut at 2 in the morning, they’ve got you covered.

The Disco Fries at The Kitchen in Wichita is Jersey’s answer to poutine, but done using clean foods. Total comfort food.

The Kitchen is a new kid on the scene, featuring American comfort cooked clean – so no nitrates in that ham and cheese Panini. Get the disco fries. You’re welcome.

The Anchor is a more grown-up place to enjoy local craft beer and a burger, but there is a kid’s menu, so we stopped there for dinner.

Moms and dads who like local beer with good food, go earlier in the day to The Anchor. They feature 50+ craft beers on tap and great burgers. The Haystack is an open faced burger, and it’s the most popular entrée there for a reason. They have a kid’s menu, so they won’t snub families.

Wichita NIfty Nut House

Nifty Nut House was called “a national treasure” by Alton Brown. I kinda agree, it is a one-of-a-kind candy shop/whole seller.

Do not leave without getting some snacks at Nifty Nut House. Any huge snack house that gets Alton Brown’s seal of approval is a place to visit.

Where to stay

The dining area for breakfast at the Hampton Inn & Suites near the Wichita airport. A hot breakfast is available for free every day for guests.

When we first arrived in Wichita, we were told you can get to most places in less than 10 minutes. We found that to be the case staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites at the airport. It’s a sparkly new hotel right off the interstate, and convenient if you’re flying in.

You could certainly find accommodations closer to the downtown. This one fit our needs: Pool, comfy beds, free hot breakfast, and located between our destinations in the downtown area and Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kan.

Getting there

Wichita is about 300 miles from Omaha. If traveling with kids, I’ve got two stops for you.

If you take Highway 81 and I-135, I recommend pit stops in Hebron, Neb., to see the world’s largest porch swing, and Lindsborg, Kan. Lindsborg’s the cutest small town I’ve seen in ages full of all things Swedish, but a big highlight was visiting Coronado Heights, which has a shelter that my kids swore was a medieval castle. There are short trails near it and picnic areas with great views.

* * * * *

Want to start planning your own Great Wichita Weekend? Start with My Wichita Bucket List to get some inspiration, then dive into these for more fun ideas:

A Kid-Favorite Destination: Botanica Wichita

Wichita’s Good Eats

May 22 – Wichita Home Base: Hampton Inn & Suites

June 1 – Exploration Place

Jun 8 – Tangyika Wildlife Park

For even more ideas for family fun in Wichita, check out my Pinterest Board: 

Disclosure: Our visit was hosted by Visit Wichita. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own.


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April 17, 2017

Strider Bikes Lincoln Race On June 10

I had a bike coach tell me his kids learned to bike using a balance bike. So I followed his lead and got one for my son.

Here’s how the balance bike works: Little ones learn to balance on a two-wheel balance bike and are able to progress easier to two-wheels with pedals, skipping the whole training wheel headache. That’s how it worked with Farley. We’re working on getting kid No. 2 to master the bike now.

Not a single bike ride with training wheels for these two.

Strider Bikes is a giant in the balance bike industry, selling more than 1.5 million bikes. They’re known for durability and high performance. They reached out to me to tell you about an upcoming balance bike race. I was all for this campaign because I love encouraging bike in Nebraska, and I’ve seen first-hand that balance bikes work…and now know not to settle for anything less than a Strider!

2017 STRIDER Cup Series

strider bike race lincoln

The Strider Cup Series race is in Lincoln, Neb., on June 10, 2017. Photo courtesy Strider Bikes

Do you have a kid who’s 5 years old or younger and a total champ on his or her Strider bike? Sign him or her up for the STRIDER Cup Series race in Lincoln, Neb., on June 10. Sounds totally cute and fun. There will even be an Adventure Zone riding area separate from the race where little ones can test out demo bikes (with helmets). It’s a place for children to try out a Strider Bike if they have one and play “in the zone.”

If you go

When: June 10, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (race start times vary for age groups and a special needs wave)

Where: Tower Square in downtown Lincoln, 1300 P St., Lincoln, Neb.

Cost: $25 (plus service fee), and includes a Strider jersey, number plate, and goodies

Register here (registration closes June 9)

** Be sure to check the race website for packet pick-up details and times

Now here’s Strider Bikes race nitty gritty: Genuine Strider Bikes are the only balance bikes allowed to race. You can find them at quality bike stores and online.

But I have great news for you…you can enter to win a Strider bike right here on the blog!

Strider Bikes Giveaway

One lucky winner is going to win a Strider Sport, just in time for the race! These bikes are easy to adjust so they’re good for both an itty bitty 18-month-old or sturdy 5-year-old. They’re a step up from the basic model, with a padded seat, foot rests, and mini-grips designed for tiny hands to have better control.

It’s really simple to enter. Enter through the Rafflecopter entry form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You must enter by 11:59 p.m. April 30. One winner will be randomly chosen within 48 hours – be on the lookout for an email! The winner will have 48 hours to respond before another entry is drawn. Must be 18 or older to enter and a resident of the United States. Prize is valued at $119.99.

Disclosure: I was compensated for writing this sponsored post by Strider Bikes. Opinions expressed are my own 

April 6, 2017

Visiting Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure in Nebraska City has become such a family favorite, we bought a membership. It’s one of my “Happy Places” that I can return to repeatedly and never get bored. That’s nature for you.

We’ve gone every season, though for this post, I’m sharing mostly summer and fall pictures.

Go figure, the snowless, winter pictures just aren’t as beautiful.

What to expect at the Tree Adventure

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure

There are a variety of structures at Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure that blend in well with the setting.

At the Tree Adventure, you will find a mix of paved and dirt trails. None are too long for little legs, nor very challenging for tired adults.

Along the paved trail, you’ll find interactive pit stops. Some will ask you to identify the tracks in the pavement, the smells in a box, or to stop and listen to bird calls.

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure tree house

The cabin next to the 50-foot tree house has hands-on activities for kids.

Further afield, you’ll find the 50-foot  tree house/lookout tower. Kids will be tempted to race to the top, but try to get them to peek inside the cabin-like room next to the tower first. There are some cool things to see and do in there.

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure climber

Pretending to be a spider at Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure.

If you stay on the paved trail, you’ll find a couple more active pit stops for kids. There are things to climb through, climb under, over, etc. It’s great for working on their gross motor skills, but let’s be real. We’re happy to have yet another thing to help tire kids out.

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure outdoor education area

Playing the wooden xylophone at the Tree Adventure.

There’s an outdoor education area (actually two, but we just go to the big one) where families should plan on spending quite a bit of time there, especially if you have a young builder. I’d say skip the area if you’re not visiting with kids, but don’t – you’ve got to try the outdoor xylophone, at least.


There is an apple orchard where you can pick apples in the fall, as well as a pumpkin patch. There’s a hayrack ride offered to drive you out and back for those two activities.

Throughout the year, there are themed activities to spice up your next visit. In March, there’s a gnome hunt that we tried this year. You search for little statues hidden throughout the woods, using clues and a map to help you. There are also weekend events with activities connected to learning about different animals and insects.

You can see upcoming events planned for Arbor Day, Sunset & S’Mores and more here. Some of these events include activities at other Arbor Day Farm properties.

Into the woods

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure dirt trail

It’s worth stepping off the paved path to go further into the woods of the Tree Adventure in Nebraska City.

There is a loop called the South Table Creek Trail that goes deeper into the woods, and it’s less than a mile long. Don’t skip it! You’ll cross bridges, encounter “kissing trees,” chairs built for three bears, and find a little fairy door in a tree.

There’s also an added game of sorts, where you’ll look for wooden cutouts of birds and a squirrel. Granted, some will want to look for the real things, this game has become a competitive sport for my family.

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure bridge

One of the bridges found along the South Table Creek Trail at the Tree Adventure.

The trail through the woods does have some inclines and stairs, so it’s not super stroller-friendly.

About the trees

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure entrance

The entrance to Arbor Day Tree Adventure in Nebraska City.

Being part of Arbor Day Farm, trees are a focus at Tree Adventure. Obviously. You can visit the greenhouse and get your own free tree seedling to plant at home.

In the visitor’s center, you can also learn more about the role of trees by playing some of the interactive exhibits and watching a short movie. We often skip that area when we visit, but if it’s your first time, check it out.

You can take an hour-long discovery ride to learn even more. It’s $5 extra per person.

Food at Arbor Day Farm

There is no restaurant on property of the Tree Adventure, though occasionally we’ve bought lunch from a vendor who’d set up shop outside the Tree Adventure visitor’s center. You can purchase food next door at the restaurant inside the Arbor Day Farm winery/orchard shop. I recommend getting the apple pie a la mode if you go that route.

And sample the wine, if you’re of age.

Usually, though, we pack a lunch and enjoy it on the trail. You’ll find some benches in the forest and at the outdoor education center, as well as picnic tables near the visitor’s center.

If you go

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure

Where: 2611 Arbor Ave., Nebraska City, Neb.

Cost: $8, adults; $6, children ages 3-12; FREE, children 2 and younger; the All-Access Day Pass also includes admission to Arbor Lodge State Historical Park mansion, and costs $15 for adults, $11, children ages 3-12, and FREE for children 2 and younger.



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